Canada home inspector license

Canada Home Inspector Licensing Requirements:
PHII is accredited by the National Home Inspector Certification Council and can get a student up to 184.5 hours of the required 450 for the NHI (National Home Inspector) designation which can be used for pre-certification training in BC and AB.

ON - As of 1-6-14 there is no licensing requirement in ON. They are looking into establishing licensing. Webpage
(OAHI does not currently recognize our training.)

BC- As of March 31, 2009 all home inspectors in British Columbia are required to be licensed through Business Practices and Consumer Protection Authority (BPCPA). Applicaiton packages are now available on their website at

In order to be licensed in BC At this time, the home inspector need to meet the requirements of ONE of the following:

* Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of British Columbia (ASTTBC) – Provisional Certified House Inspector,Certified House Inspector or Certified Property Inspector
* Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (BC) (CAHPI BC) – Associate Member or Registered Home Inspector
*National Home Inspector (NHI) through National Home Inspector Certification Council Students can use the 184.5 hours of course work accredited by NHICC to become a certificate holder through NHI.

Note: ASTTBC certifies house & property inspectors who, once registered, become members of the BC Institute of Property Inspectors (BCIPI).

AB- We are an approved Education Provider

There are 4 parts to PHII's AB certification:
ONLINE COURSES, proctored exams required. 204.5 hours
(90 hours) Basic
(32 hours) Advanced
( 8 hours) Defect Recognition
( 8 hours) Environmental Hazards
(28.5 hours) House framing
(14 hours) Manufactured Home Inspection
(24 hours) Weatherization & Insulation Remediation

PHII’s 2 day live training lab begins with a review of major home systems and common defects. After this review, lab participants go out to and conduct actual, hands-on inspections on three homes. They each keep their own notes for use in the reporting section of the training lab. Upon completion of the inspections, participants return to the training facility and draft three inspection reports based on what they have observed. These reports are discussed openly, allowing the students to learn from each other.

The exam has three components: an oral exam, on-site inspection and report review. The instructor will evaluate and provide feed to the student at the completion of all components of the practical exam.

Following the criteria provided in the Test Inspection Policy, the student locates a suitable inspector to perform the peer-reviewed test inspection. Following all guidelines and policies in the Test Inspection Policy, the student will perform an inspection as arranged with the reviewer. The reviewer will evaluate the student and send this review to PHII. All required information and forms are provided to the student and reviewer.

For Other Provinces:
PHII's certification course meets all education requirements for home inspectors in Canada and satisfies requirements to become a home inspector in any province in Canada. PHII's Residential Home Inspection program has been granted recognition equivalent to the maximum hours possible by the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI) Admissions Review Committee/Board of Examiners.

PHII will give you a nationally recognized home inspector certification and the credentials you need to become a successful home inspector in Canada. PHII students have also had great success passing regional and national exams, and you also receive FREE continuing education credits with your enrollment! Please check the website periodically for updates about current licensing laws or call toll free (800) 983-6322.

NHI (National Home Inspector) from the NHICC
Submit completed Application for Background Review.
Provide copies of all relevant documentation.
Need a minimum total of 850 points from all sections of the application.
-Personal background: (max 100 pts)
-Education: (max 600 pts)
--Up to 450 points for courses
---Courses with Proctored exams – 3 pts. per hour
---Courses without proctored exams – 1 pt. per hour (*PHII)
--Mentored (supervised) field work – 3 pts. per hour - Maximum 150 pts.
--Pass the NHICC National Exam and a TIPR (80% on both) plus inspection requirement to qualify to be an NCH (NHI).
-Fee paid inspections: (max 500 pts) (Provision for AB and BC inspectors)
--Business for 1 year

PHII is approved to provide 184.5 hours of the education requirements

*Basic Home Inspection (90 Hours)
*Advanced Home Inspection (32 Hours)
*House Framing (20 Hours)
*Thermal Inspection and Insulation Remediation (20 Hours)
*Manufactured Home Inspection (14.5 Hours)
*Environmental Hazards (8 Hours)

Training/Certification Info - Canada Home Inspector License

Canada home inspection course

Professional Home Inspection Institute offers both interactive training online and live classroom courses & field labs for home inspectors! The courses are nationally recognized, approved by various state agencies, approved by insurance providers, and is affiliated with national associations for home inspectors.
Click the Link below to find out more information about home inspector training / licensing

CD Home Inspection Licensing Agency:


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Canada Radon Testing (Radon Measurement) Requirements:

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